About Superstition Coffee


Our coffees are selected from the very best farm lands located in optimal growing conditions: at high elevations, with good soil, proper sun exposure, and a well-defined rainy season. These coffees are carefully hand picked to select only the ripe coffee cherries which results in a better, cleaner taste. Unripe green beans will produce an overly bitter tasting coffee.

Once the coffee is harvested, it needs to go through the milling process. Here, up to 15 separated quality separations take place in the process of removing the fruit from the coffee cherry, and turning it into a green coffee bean that can then be roasted. 


Coffee roasting becomes the next crucial step during the process. Achieving the perfect roast profile is critical to the overall flavor of a particular coffee.

  • A long, slow roast will result in a lifeless cup that is devoid of flavor.
  • A fast roast will leave the center of the bean underdeveloped with a sour taste in the cup.

During roasting, four major things occur to the coffee seeds:

  1. They lose some of their internal water content making the beans lighter.
  2. Sugars inside the beans are caramelized into flavor oils contributing to the body of the finished cup.
  3. The natural acidity or brightness of the coffee is gradually reduced.
  4. The cell walls of the seed itself are broken down which creates a bean that is prone to staling, if not immediately and properly packaged or consumed. Roasted coffee is a perishable product! The flavor will peak a few days after roasting and diminishes once exposed to air, light, and moisture.


Superstition coffee will have a spot on the bag that will tell you exactly when it was roasted. My intent is to ship coffee the same day it is roasted, so you as the coffee consumer can truly experience what fresh roasted coffee can taste like.

I want to thank you for your interest in Superstition coffee. I am confident that you will enjoy the exceptional flavor that these coffees have to offer.
Bill Mohrweis

Come see us at The Queen Creek Olive Mill

25062 South Meridian Road
Queen Creek, Az. 85242

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